Limetree Real Estates was established in 2007 to provide a service to companies in the health care sector whose growth was constrained by the absence of suitable ‘on market’ development land. Its belief is that the only way to meet client growth targets is to have a committed strategy to source development land ‘off market’. Limetree’s core skill is to create ‘off market’ development opportunities in locations which meet the specific criteria of the most demanding operations. This contrasts with agents and traditional land finders who generally are only able to recycle land that has previously been promoted and opportunities which are currently on the market.

Limetree Real Estates most productive relationships grow through working closely with the CEO or main board director with responsibility for new developments. Limetree’s skill and experience extend to a full range of disciplines needed to develop a fully operational unit. This includes dealing effectively with planning and related issues and working within pre-agreed financial targets. Client’s who have reduced their in house development facilities are now discovering the advantage and cost benefits of outsourcing their entire development process to Limetree Real Estates.

For more information or to arrange an informal meeting please call David Morris on 01476 561500.