It is widely reported in the press that there is a scarcity of development land in the UK. However, this is understated for institutions looking for quality, deliverable sites across the UK.

Many of our clients, who have embarked on an expansion programme, have underestimated the challenges in finding suitable land and have rapidly found that their expansion plans cannot be met, not through lack of funding or shareholder approval, but through lack of on market land.

Limetree Real Estates has over 40 years of experience of finding off market land that has never been marketed through commercial channels. Our approach is to work very closely with our clients to define location priorities and land criteria and then undertake a proven process of delivering these sites for developments.

Given land scarcity, all obvious development sites in good locations will either have been developed or under option. Therefore, our expertise lies in creating opportunities through combining adjacent or new sites and removing development issues on problem sites. Our skills of negotiation with both owners of land, local authorities and influencing bodies, mean that we can independently create land opportunities that will not be available to other institutions competing for land in the same vicinity.

Our approach is discreet, confidential and effective and complimentary to other professionals you may engage to meet your objectives.